Rock Tape for our Pregnant Patients

Attention expecting Mom’s and Dad’s, check this out!  Do you have sciatica, back pain, ankle swelling or just general discomfort?  Rock Taping is a simple, gentle, yet effective way to help ease those nagging pregnancy symptoms to help you stay more comfortable.

Here is a great guide at the many different techniques that can be used with Rock Tape on a pregnant woman!

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More movement is the answer!

“the human body adapts to its environment and tissues conform to lines of stress”
“variability, variety and variation are critical to the cake mix of movement efficiency”
Doing MORE movements (not just the same exercise routine) will lead to a healthier, less painful body!!!  Check out this article below to learn more!

Sitting Isn’t Bad: Biology Is Dose Dependent

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Free Foundation Class

Dr. Chris will be teaching free Foundation Training classes which focuses on decompression breathing every Thursday at 9 am.  We meet at Angela Hibbard Park on Drum Point Road in Brick just down the street from the office towards the water.  Exercises are beginner quality, no experience needed. Please feel free to invite your friends. We will be doing standing exercises only, so a yoga mat is not required.  If more information is needed please contact our office at (732) 920-8188 or email Dr. Ashley at



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Best Stretches you should be doing EVERYDAY!

Here is a list of stretches that Dr. Chris has compiled that everyone can do.  These stretches will help increase flexibility in areas that typically stay tight and engage muscles that often are weak due to poor posture and repetitive motion.

  1. Forward Bend with chin tuck (standing)
    1.  forwardbendwithchintuck
  2. Founder
    1. founder_shane
  3. Pigeon Pose
    1. pigeon_pose
  4. Triangle Pose
    1. triangle pose
  5. Adductor Stretch
    1. adductorstretch
  6. Scorpion/Hip Flexor Opener
    1. scorpionstretch

These stretches should be held for a minimum of 30 seconds to 1 minute.  To get the maximum benefit try to do these stretches at least 2x/day.  Any questions do not hesitate to comment below or email Dr. Chris at

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Easy Allergy Relief Remedies

Now that allergy season is upon us we have started to hear more and more of our patients complaining of the runny nose, itchy eyes, sinus pressure, sneezing, coughing, dizziness and all the lovely symptoms associated with allergies.  No one likes to feel that way especially as it is starting to get warmer.  You don’t want your allergies keeping you indoors or from opening your windows to get some fresh air.   So what can you do?  There are a lot of great PROVEN allergy relief remedies that can help lessen or even get rid of your symptoms and help to treat the cause of why allergies happen.  The following are all remedies that should be done on a daily basis:

  • Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • Tablespoon of raw honey
  • Flushing your sinuses with saline solution, alkolol, or a product called sinu-orega multiple times throughout the day.  You want to make sure you tilt your head back and get all of the sinuses, not just spray it up your nose.
  • Lemon Water
  • Supplement with Zymain (sold at our office) or Proteolytic enzymes.
  • Supplement with Vitamin D3 (4000 IUs)
  • Nightly Epsom salt baths to strengthen the immune response.

Some treatments we offer at our office that help alleviate allergy symptoms include:

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