Are you sick of being in pain??

Chronic, achy pains not caused by distinct trauma are often the result of insufficient musculature stability during abnormal movement patterns occurring throughout the day. These patterns over time accumulate to create adaptations in the body that impair movement and make daily living often more difficult.

Do you walk with a limp? Have pain going from sitting to standing? Do you have pain in your hip that won’t go away and not sure where it came from? What about pain below your shoulder muscle/elbow or decreased grip strength? These are all common examples of symptoms from improper prolonged postures resulting in bad movement patterns I have noticed recently in the office. I have even suffered from these conditions or still experience them occasionally, so I now understand as I reflect on my own body movement inefficiencies.

I found a program that works for me called Foundation Training. Foundation Training was designed as a series of exercises to bring the body back to natural postures and efficient movement patterns. The exercises teach the body to move effectively, instead of in patterns that will break the body down. This training will strengthen weaknesses, build stability in everyday movement, and halt many degenerative processes causing chronic pain negatively impacting our daily lives.

In February I traveled to Florida to become certified in Foundation Training with the expectation of teaching the exercises and knowledge to our patients in the community. This Spring I will be holding larger classes, but please let me know if you would like individual attention and I will be happy to accommodate you. My email is

Many of my future posts will be based on the basic principles layered into these exercises, which will not only help you in Foundation Training exercises, but also make other exercises much more effective.

You may notice your body getting stronger, but you should first notice simple activities that previously lead to pain will become easy and less daunting. Added stress in movement makes life more tedious and during my time as a doctor, making daily lives more manageable is the greatest life tool I can give to a patient!

Moving well throughout the day is based on proper muscle integration done efficiently. ‘Efficiency’ in this case is defined as proper use of structure, stability and tension to get the most performance out of the body with the least amount of effort. Muscle integration is the sum effect of a group of muscles (Kinetic Chain) helping each other by remaining ready to complete a movement pattern. To pick something off the ground, the posterior chain of muscles (para spinals, glutes, hamstrings, quadratus lumborum, calves) act together to allow the body to safely get to the floor and not fall forward, then rise from the position. It is only when these muscle/movement patterns become neglected and improperly trained that this task becomes difficult.

Learning how to engage muscles simultaneously with a bit of knowledge of which ones work together will improve your movement and lead to far less pain in activity. Simple daily chores can be laborious if attempted on faulty movement patterns and inflamed muscles. Exercise plans/programs should be based on full body moves rather than isolating muscles. These types of exercises train efficient muscle integration when practiced and improved on through repetition. ‘Clean to overhead presses’ should be done to replace the ‘squat, bicep curl and shoulder press’, each done separately. If you don’t know what this means, please ASK!!!…or email me at for clarification.

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Foundation Training now Available!

Dr. Chris recently got certified in Melbourne, Florida to be an instructor for foundation training.  Foundation training uses exercises to strengthen your posterior chain to give you a strong base to move better and have less pain!  If you are interested in getting trained or want to learn more about it either check out our page under services on the tab above or call the office today to set up your appointment with Dr. Chris!!!

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Move an Hr/day

As we get closer to the holidays and winter, our drive to workout and to even go outside definitely decreases. This week many of the patients have already begun to complain of pains often caused by sitting for long periods of time or not getting out of the house. A treadmill albeit okay, cannot replace the benefits of getting out in fresh air and putting foot to pavement (walking/running).

Everyday you should strive to MOVE 60 minutes per day. Any movement is good, but some types will be better fitted for you than others. As you begin to MOVE, pay attention to what feels better than others. When you find a movement/exercise you like, SLOW IT DOWN! By slowing it down, you tax the stabilizer muscles which will make movement easier and more stable. Make sure as you MOVE, you do not hold your breath, tighten fists or hold breath. If you find yourself doing these cheats, the MOVEMENT is too tough to perform, because these are mechanisms of cheating by the brain to gain more stability.

The more athletes and young patients I work with, the more I find similar injury patterns as elderly patients with balance and muscle issues. Younger patients have the benefit of flexibility and more supporting muscle mass to overcome their deficiencies. This makes the young seem to move better, but don’t be fooled. Young and old often share the same issue that the stabilization in the entire body is lacking.

Core stabilization and flexibility is imperative in all populations. Often times these exercises are slow, boring and “don’t build a sweat”. I feel the same way sometimes!!! So change it up occasionally. Find slow, stable exercises you enjoy 3x/week. Work out hard 3x/week. On the final day of the week do whatever you like! The take home message is to MOVE 60 minutes per day.

Some great sites to find exercises/programs that work for you are:





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Get on the Floor and Stretch!

Get on the floor and relax

Get on the floor and relax

Just like this very comfortable and relaxed dog pictured, I challenge you to get on the floor and relax. By just following these steps you can jump start your day or minimize the aches and damage brought on by the day’s activities…

  1. Lay on the floor facing up and limps spread as far as comfortable
    • Don’t be afraid to use pillows if arms/shoulders don’t touch the floor
  2. Stretch your arms out as wide as possible feeling the stretch from your chest to your fingertips (take 4 deep breaths)
  3. Stretch your legs out as far as possible keeping knees flat on ground and toes pointed upward (take 4 deep breaths)
  4. Now stretch arms and legs opposite directions while keeping flat of back on the ground (take 4 deep breaths)

Not only is this activity a great relaxation, it is also an exercise that doesn’t require the body to fight against gravity, which can be tough on arthritic/compressed joints. The other step that may be overlooked, but should not be ignored is getting to the floor. Many people are okay with that notion that they cannot get on and off the floor. Don’t limit yourself! Position things nearby to allow a safe way to get down or up from the floor, but the worst thing you can do for your health is say “I can’t do that”. You use your elbows, shoulders, hips, back, neck, legs all to get yourself safely into and out of the position, so it becomes a full body exercise that is often overlooked until it is unable to be performed.

Get down, stretch and take a few deep breaths and watch the day’s stressors disappear.

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Check out this website!

We happened to stumble across this great website the other day.  It is full of how to videos for exercises and muscle knowledge.  Check it out when you have a free moment or are looking to add to or switch up your workout!

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